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STL Hookup


  • Steve Bolen
    Cool new dad, drinks good beer, watches a lot of baseball.
  • Jon Pollack
    Extraordinary wedding photographer, cool new dad.
  • Poppy Mom
    Robin Wheeler, local blogger, rocker, foodie and interviewer of culinary royalty.
  • Kung Fu Chicken
    Daniel & Carmelita rock! Multidisciplinary artists. Nice, nice, nice. And fun.
  • Eric
    South City printer with sexy, sexy printing presses.
  • Richard Newman
    Poet, teacher, father, friend. His cowboy boots wear him. Sports awesome wife.
  • Deb Douglas
    Paints cats sometimes. Very cool painter. I oversimplify for comedic value.
  • Laine
    Your hostess. The photographer one.
  • Julie
    Your other hostess. The writerly one.
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Just stumbled onto your blog from Twitter. Love it. Especially this post, as it's cracking me up. My family is full of Katamari whores!! You have to be game obsessed to enjoy the true humor of your post... =)


They do, actually. I always want to buy them and take a big ball of dough and roll them up...

Oh, hi btw. Discovered you through a friend on Twitter. Enjoy the blog. We frequent the same places often, it seems. Thanks for the entertainment.

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