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STL Hookup


  • Steve Bolen
    Cool new dad, drinks good beer, watches a lot of baseball.
  • Jon Pollack
    Extraordinary wedding photographer, cool new dad.
  • Poppy Mom
    Robin Wheeler, local blogger, rocker, foodie and interviewer of culinary royalty.
  • Kung Fu Chicken
    Daniel & Carmelita rock! Multidisciplinary artists. Nice, nice, nice. And fun.
  • Eric
    South City printer with sexy, sexy printing presses.
  • Richard Newman
    Poet, teacher, father, friend. His cowboy boots wear him. Sports awesome wife.
  • Deb Douglas
    Paints cats sometimes. Very cool painter. I oversimplify for comedic value.
  • Laine
    Your hostess. The photographer one.
  • Julie
    Your other hostess. The writerly one.
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